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My Dear Shy - Life in Equestria - Chapter Eight :iconkeeper-of-harmony:Keeper-of-Harmony 0 0
Mature content
My Dear Shy - Life in Equestria - Chapter Seven :iconkeeper-of-harmony:Keeper-of-Harmony 1 0
Mature content
My Dear Shy - Life in Equestria - Chapter Six :iconkeeper-of-harmony:Keeper-of-Harmony 1 0
My Dear Shy - Life in Equestria - Chapter Five
At last, after the excruciate and tedious walking, I was standing a couple feet of distance from Fluttershy's cottage.  It had been such a grueling workout; the base of my forehead was sweating uncontrollably, the bottom of both my feet pulsated in soreness as they longed for the relaxation they so desperately needed.  Ever since I came to Equestria, I had been having a subsequent diet of fish meat and confectioneries.  Mostly the latter.  Fish meat's okay when it came to protein, but what would I'd give for some greasy bacon...   Seeing as eating a ton of sweets was not only affecting my weight but it was also bad for my health.  Heck, I didn't have any health care coverage. So I hereby swore myself to lay off the sugary delights as a resolution to this first day of summer's last month - August.  Quite a shame, really, yet sacrifices had to be made for the sake of one's constitution.
    Ponies and their homes in Equestria were small.
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My Dear Shy - Life in Equestria - Chapter Four
The day was nearing its end.  The top-half of Celestia's sun merely peeked from the end of the horizon, coloring the sky above an orange, autumn glow.  Where it was gradually descending to rest, allowing her sister's moon to takeover the spotlight over the great yonder for the rest of the twenty-four hour cycle.
The thin air surrounding me got cold as the breeze brushed coldly against my face's skin.  Darkness approached as time elapsed; the moon started to rise from the east by the time the sun fully descended to the west.  I was packing up my supplies, then I began hearing crickets chirping and the distinct cries of wolves howling far from a distance.  In steady haste I gathered my stuff, buried the bones of the delectable meal I caught and ate, and made my journey toward home.  As I walked, while staring at the black magenta sky, I admired the vast collection of Luna's glimmering stars hanging from the heavens above.  Sure the stars in Equestria we
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My Dear Shy - Life in Equestria - Chapter Three
So there I was, sitting boringly on a green and small wooden stool with crossed arms and a tapping foot, waiting for a certain fashionista to finish some dress she had been designing for nearly thirty minutes.  Spike, who accompanied me during the trip to Rarity's boutique, had been gawking at the unicorn like eye candy ever since we'd got there.  I'd been watching him following her like a dog on a leash, and it was no surprise to me why he was acting that way.  When we had the time alone, I talked to him about his huge crush for the mare.  He was utterly shocked how I figured it out (not sure why he would be, his demeanor was readable like a book) but he had me "Pinkie Promise" to never tell anyone or anypony.  I'm sure Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy (maybe the entire damn village) may have already known for such a long time, although I'm surprised Rarity hadn't.  Maybe she did and didn't tell Spike.  I wouldn't know for ce
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My Dear Shy - Life in Equestria - Chapter Two
After the recent torment of relocating a dislocated shoulder, I prepared the day by changing out of my flannel pajamas and into my normal clothes, and then I gathered some stuff and put them inside Fluttershy's saddlebag which I've currently borrowed.
I took a quick inspection inside the bag to assure I hadn't forgotten what I needed to bring.
Twilight's book to return.  Check.
Spare jeans with a torn hole needing to be patched.  Check.
Map of Equestria.  Check.
Some dead twigs, flint, and a fishing spear.  Check.
I fumbled around the items thoroughly, seeing if there was anything else I didn't miss.
Special sauce...  Check.
All items accounted for, and without delay, I headed for the front door and opened it swiftly.  Taking several steps outside, the morning sun hovering above the sky was briskly yellow and incredibly hot.  Tis the season of summer, after all.  I furrowed my brows and crossed the small bridge,
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My Dear Shy - Life in Equestria - Chapter One
Morning was arriving as soon as I heard the early birds chiming from outside and inside of Fluttershy's cottage.  The rays of the sun eventually made direct contact with my face as I felt the burning sensation, I then grumbled and shifted away from the obnoxious glares.  However, the back of my head was now becoming too hot.  The irritating heat finally awoke me as I sat up stretching my arms far and wide until their joints made a loud crackling pop or two.
    Yawning, I rubbed the sand out of my eyes and slowly creaked them open.  Everything was blurry at first, but after blinking a few times my vision became much more clearer.  I shifted my sight to the right to the direction of opened shutters where the rays were beaming out from.  There, I had a clear and perfect view of the sun goddess' star peaking halfway out from the endless boundary of the world.  It was brimming brightly; showering me and Equestria in all of its shining glory.
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My Dear Shy - Life in Equestria - Prologue
    A planet where I was born on; a malevolent planet where I spent several of my miserable years secluded in a faraway house from everybody including my foster parents; a planet... I once called home.  Why was it once called my home?  Well, sit awhile for those who find this diary, and prepare yourselves for the unbelievable tale that lie within this diary.  A tale about my new life in a distant universe.  My life... in Equestria.
    It had been a whole month since my arrival here in Equestria, a quaint yet peaceful universe inhabited by talking, techni-colored ponies whose culture can be almost comparing to ours.  When I used to be a child, I always believed that there were many different worlds out there other than ours.  Apparently I was right, and never had I thought out of every one of them I would end up on this one.  But it was for a personal cause.  The main reason I'm here; the whole purpose I abandoned Earth
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Weariness tugged at his bones and crushed his spirit
Threatening to drag him down into the darkness
His footsteps were agonisingly slow, his breathing laboured
He struggled to keep his eyes open
The darkness was closing in
About to consume him
Slipping away…
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