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November 13, 2012
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       On the last chapter of Keeper of Harmony; our human Lyn suffers a serious case of amnesia and is transported to an unknown world where he befriends a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle, a witty pony who doesn't seem at all afraid of him.  Consulting a letter from her mentor, Princess Celestia, Twilight & Lynx, whom Lyn now is referred as, tour around Ponyville.

The two gather up some necessities for their trip beforehand.

Twilight began packing up several items into her pouch as she marks a list of them.

"Let's see... apples, check.  Book, check.  Canteen full of crystal clean water, check.  Lynx..."

She held her quill and glanced at the human lying across the floor.

"Hey, don't get too relaxed," warned Twilight, "we're going to be leaving real soon."

Lyn remains put grumbling.

"You're joking right?  For one thing I still believe you're a figment of my imagination, and two I'm not moving anywhere."

Twilight angrily snorted.

"Still on about me "not being real" sort of thing?  Well, what would happen if I do... this!"

Suddenly a bucket lifts over Lynx's head and poured every drop of water down on him.

"Aahh!  That's flippin' cold- have you mentally lost it?!" Lynx shivered.

"Now do you believe it's real?  Everypony should have woken up from that." Twilight smirked.

"You've made your point!  But now look, I'm soaked."

"Don't worry.  Today is supposed to be blazing hot, which is why I brought a canteen, your clothes will dry quickly.  Are you ready?" Twilight asked.

Lynx stood on his two feet crossed.

"Yeah, yeah."

"Lynx, check," said Twilight.  "If we're swift meeting with my friends, I've speculated it'll take a whole day-"

The human, mouth agaped, raised his arms in the air.

"A WHOLE day!?  But that's going to take forever!"

"Which is why I'm preparing for our journey," Twilight goes over to the human, "All set then?"

"Yeah... I guess." Lyn muttered.

"Aww quit your whining.  I'm sure you'll see Ponyville is more than just a small town.  The ponies here are really, really nice.  Though before we leave I should tell Spike to watch over the house while we're gone."

"I've a mean asking about Spike, is he your pet or something?" asked Lynx.

Twilight chuckled in a friendly manner.

"A pet?  No, silly, he's my friend; also an assistant.  Sometimes I take him along for the road, but many times he's stuck at the house while I'm on important businesses.  Anyways, I'll go talk to him real quick.  You stay here."

The unicorn trots upstairs in short period and trotted back downstairs.

"Alrighty!  Let's get going shall we?"

The two finally head out of the front door and began their exploration around Ponyville.  One step out into the broad daylight, Lynx took the unicorn's word for it; the sky showed no track of a single cloud in the sky as the sun's warmth brims down upon him.

Lynx shades his eyes with a hand.

"So darn bright!"

"It is summer, after all.  You'll get used to it." said Twilight.

Twilight & Lynx continued their path passing by some large, straw-roofed huts and a few fellow ponies each different color.  They gawked at Lynx as some whisper whilst strangely staring at him.

Lynx shuns his face behind his shoulders feeling discomforted.

"They're staring at me..." Lynx whispered.

"It's fine.  Like I said before: the ponies here are real friendly.  They just haven't seen anything like you before."

"Well if that's the case, why aren't you also freaked out?"

"It's not everyday you get to meet somep- I mean, somebody, from a different world.  I rather would like to get to know you better."

"You're a bit too confident... aren't you actually afraid I'm not as friendly as you might assume?"

"Maybe, but you really do seem nice.  Strange, but overall nice."

"Not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not, but I'll let it slide.  So, you want to know about my interests?  I guess that's plausible."

"Great!" Twilight gleefully cheered.  "Mind I ask what your favorite food is?"

Lynx places both hands behind his head pondering.

"My head's slightly blurry, but I think I can remember that I enjoy waffles.  Now it's my turn to ask a question: you mind explaining what in blue blazes is that "thing" on your... erm..."

Twilight glances where Lynx was staring.

""This"?  That's my cutie mark."

"Cutie mark?" Lynx questioned.

"Cutie marks are a symbol of our professionalism.  It signifies what we're good at.  This indicates I'm good with magic."

Suddenly a reminder hits Lynx.

"Huh.  I just remembered something..."

The human rolls up his orange shirt's sleeve to reveal a heart-shaped tattoo on his left shoulder.

"That's adorable." said Twilight.

"Yeah, but I doubt it's called a cutie mark anyway."

"Despite that, our worlds almost share alike."

"Considering here you have magical talking ponies.  Yeah... I can totally see the similarity our two worlds share..."

"Now you're just being obnoxious." stated Twilight.

"Sorry, you're right.  I'm just having a massive headache from trying to untangle the surrealism, and plus, I haven't had any food or drinks since I've first came here."

Twilight forgave the human with a gentle smile.

"I suppose that's a reasonable excuse.  Here, take an apple and help yourself with the canteen." she offered.

In a rush, the human eats the apple in seconds flat.

"Wow... you must have been awfully hungry, and the canteen you drank is already half-empty.".

The human grins in satisfactory.

With that done and over with, the two had arrived at a bakery called Sugarcube Corner.  The confectionery structure seemed identical to that of a gingerbread house; Candy Canes, Frosting, Cupcakes.  It was a paradise for sweet-toothed maniacs.

They entered inside, and like the outer-appearance, it also gleamed of sugary sweets; cakes, muffins and all that other bunch.  There was nobody at the counter, and Lynx decided to fiddle with the bell resting on top of the counter; pressing it repeatedly as if a child would.

Twilight used her magic to pull Lynx away from the bell.

"Quit acting so foolish."

Hearing the ringing chimes, there was another pony of a lighter-bluish type of fur color with a mane settled out like that of cupcake icing.

Twilight replied "Hey there, Mrs. Cake,"

Mrs. Cake was glad seeing the unicorn.

"Ooh, Twilight.  I didn't know you were coming over to visit."

"So," Twilight surveys the area, "where's Pinkie Pie?"

"I sent Pinkie out to do a little delivery.  She should be back any moment now."

Lynx joins the conversation.

"Pinkie Pie?  That a flavor of some pie or something?  I'm starving."

Mrs. Cake froze staring at Lynx awkwardly.

"Twilight.  May I see you in the kitchen?" asked Mrs. Cake agitatingly.

Twilight raises a brow.

"Suuurre?" said Twilight.

Leaving Lynx behind the counter Twilight followed the anxious pony into the bakery.

"What is that... thing?" asked Mrs. Cake

"Thing...?  Oh, you mean him," Twilight looked back and over giggling hysterically.  "You don't have to worry about him.  He's a friend."

Lynx, bored out of his mind, tapped and tapped his foot impatiently; scratching the left side of his face, hummed while rocking back and forth.

'Jeez... do girls always talk this long?' thought Lynx.

"Mrs. Cake, I'm done with the delivery!  Is there any-",  upon noticing Lynx she was utterly surprised that she gasped in a large amount of air "Oh... my... gosh... A human?!  Here in Equestria?!  Why, this is big- no dou- no, triple big!  I never would've known there was a human here in Equestria!  Why wasn't I told?  Well, better late than never as they say!  Ooh, I should throw you a huge welcoming party.  We'll need cakes, cupcakes, balloons, ribbons, fruit punch, chocolate fountains, rubber chickens and more!  Are you excited because I'm excited I've never been able to get a closer look at a human before and have I introduced myself?  Hi I'm Pinkie Pie-." she said while hopping up and down rapidly.

Fed up with the chattering pony Lynx plugged his ears.

"Jiminy Christmas!  Please make her stop!"

"Jiminy Christmas?  Who's that?  A friend of yours?  This would mean I'll have to throw two parties at once!  Ooooh!  Let me say this: THIS'LL BE LIKE THE SWEETE-"

"Pinkie!" screamed Twilight galloping passed the counter and sticking her hoof in Pinkie's mouth.  "You'll have to excuse her.  She gets hyper-ventilated when she meets a new face."

"Mmmphmphmmpmph.  Mmph." Pinkie muffled.

"You don't say..." said Lynx.

Twilight turned to the chatty pony.



"Do you think you can calm down for my good friend, Lynx, here?".

Pinkie nodded her head repeatedly.

Twilight removed her hoof from Pinkie's lips.

"Oopsie.  Tee-hee.  But can I ask a itty-bitty teeny-weenie question to Lynx?" Pinkie Pie showing off those puppy dog eyes.

The human shrugged and nodded silently.

"Would you like to be my friend?" she asked desperately.

"Uh... sure..." Lynx hesitated.

"Hooray!  This calls for a celebration!"

"Pinkie..." said Lynx and Twilight at the same time.

"Oh.  Well, maybe we'll party at a different time then.  Toodles!"

The pink pony joyfully skips out of the candy-themed household.

"Whew," Twilight heavily sighed.  "At least that went better than I expected."

"Are you kidding?  It was torment, I thought my ears were going to explode!" Lynx argued.

Twilight flickers her hoof.

"Oh, you.  Well, now that you've met Pinkie Pie, we have no further business idling here.  Onward!"

Twilight galloped out of the building with Lynx following in suit.  Back to the outside, in the hot, sunny rays of the sun, Lynx grabbed the canteen and chugged it down vigorously.  All left of it now are measly droplets in the container.

"We've only been out for possibly an hour now and you've already emptied the canteen?  It really does amaze me how much you can consume in short periods of time."

"Excuse me, Princess!  I'm still a tad weary from waking up from a coma."

Twilight turns to the man confused.

"Coma?  You were in an accident?".

"Argh,", Lynx moaned, "It hurts!".

"What is it? What's wrong?" asked Twilight.

"My head . . . why is my head hurting so bad?" Lynx grunted.

"Are you still dehydrated? Twilight's eyes suddenly widened.  "Oh no! Maybe all the exposure to microwave radiation from those 'cell phones' you were telling me about gave you a brain tumor!".

"Just chill out! I don't have a dang tumor!"  Lynx snapped.  The unicorns worries was making his head throb.  "I'm... fine," he added more gently.  "I need a second catching my breath."

The pain apparently vanished as quickly as it appeared.

"There, it's all better now.  Nothing to worry about, see?" said Lynx.

The man rose to his feet and continued down the path.  Twilight frowned uncertainly, but followed without a single word.

On the way, Twilight and Lynx start a new conversation.

"Lynx, can I ask something regarding to your species?"

"Ask away."

"Those... 'hands' you use, are they useful?" asked Twilight appealed to their functionality.

Lynx takes his hand in front of him flexing his fingers.

"Useful?  They can do all sorts of stuff!  I'll bet you ponies here have difficulty picking up stuff with your mouth." Lynx interpreted.

"Really?  Hmm, then when we get back I'll have to research on them."

Lynx felt unsure about it.

"Okay... speaking of species, you say you're a unicorn.  Is there different types of ponies here?  Why not you tell me how each type works."

Twilight couldn't have been more happy to oblige.

"Certainly. Beginning with unicorns: you already know we can bend magic.  However we require intense concentration when performing high-ranked spells.  Breaking our focus in midst of casting can cause unknown repercussions.  And the pegasus, a pony born with bird-like wings, can soar through the air and have the eligibility to alter weather conditions by moving and fiddling the clouds in the sky.  But due to their constant flying mobility they deplete more energy than any other pony.  Last but not least: an earth pony don't possess either wings or horns, however they have a remarkable amount of physical strength that they can withstand the most force."

Lynx achingly rubs the back of his head.

"I partly phased out after unicorns.  Seriously, you could've just said it briefly."

"Ugh..." Twilight groans quite exasperated.

"What?" Lynx aimlessly shrugged.

After having their discussion, they finally arrive at a beautifully-structured house.

"Nevermind, we're here." said Twilight.

Twilight softly pounds on the front door.

"Rarity are you there?  It's me, Twilight" the unicorn hollered.

A unicorn answers the door.  My how she looked bedazzling; her pearly-white coat, her dark purple mane, those gleaming sapphire eyes.  Lynx was astonished by her exquisite beauty.

"Ah yes, Twilight!" said Rarity happily seeing her good'ol friend.  "It is good to see you.  Please do come... right in...-"

Her royal pitched voice fades as she steadily gawks at Lynx's being next to Twilight.

"Twilight," Rarity started "may I ask who this... fine "fellow" standing beside you is?"

Twilight replied in a casual way.

"His name is Lynx.  A friend."

"My word... just look at you!  Wandering around in that ghastly outfit that you call clothes.  I simply won't tolerate for this!  Please come inside, quickly!" offered Rarity.

Lynx circled around wondering who Rarity was talking to.

"Wait a minute, are you talking about me?" he indicated himself.

"Of course!" Rarity confirmed, "Now hurry before anypony else sees that horrid fashion of yours!"

Rarity moves behind Lynx and forcefully pushes him inside the boutique.

"Huh?  It doesn't look that bad... does it?" Lynx questioned.

Twilight lightly shook her head thus followed the two in.

Upon entering the boutique, the inner-sanctum was more glorious; A silver chandelier hanging and dangling high above the center of the ceiling- with varieties of decorated colored gems that reflect illuminations down unto the floor.  In addition, the floor has been freshly waxed you could see your own reflection.

"Now you wait there while I get some preparations going.  I'll be back shortly." said Rarity, trotting off to a different room.

Lynx glances at Twilight confused.

"Uh, this is a first."

"Oh that Rarity.  She's more concerned about your style of clothing that she neglected your appearance." said Twilight giggling.

"Is this really necessary?" Lynx scratched his head.

"Why, yes, this is all necessary, my dear.  When I'm done, you'll be shining like a star!  Everypony will gather around and awestruck by your glamorous new fashion!"

Rarity begins wrapping a measuring tape around Lynx's body; the waist, then across his shoulders, his arms and legs.

The human's face blushed rosily red.

The unicorn withdrew her tape, and resumed examining his clothes.

"Hmmm.  Ooh! I know what this needs: Gems!  I'll be right back,".  She trots to her chest and ganders inside it, "Oh of all the worst things that can happen, this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING." cried Rarity.

"What?!  What's happened?" worried Twilight.

"I -- I've ran out of precious gems!  And just when I was about to finalize the sketches."

Twilight throws out a frustrating grunt.

"I'm sorry to leave upon the inconvenience, but I can't finish my work without them,". Rarity retrieves a satchel using her magic. "Would you two be so kind to await for my return?" asked Rarity.

"Uh..." Lynx paused.

"Oh you are a dear!  I'll be departing now.  Ta-ta!".  The unicorn bids her farewell.

"How about we get out of here, I'm afraid she'll dress me up in some girlish outfit!".  said Lynx anxiously.

"I don't know.  I think you would look wonderful in a dress,". Twilight laughed hysterically  "how I would love to see that!".

"Ha... ha... ha... but no, seriously, let's ditch this place.".

"But Rarity will-"

"Please!" Lynx begged on his knees.

"If you say so.  Though I do hope Rarity will understand." said Twilight.

In no time the two exit the building and continued down their path towards their next destination: Fluttershy's hut.

During their venturing, Lynx fiddles around his mechanical device also known as a cell phone.  He appeared having difficulties getting it to work.

"What are you doing?" asked Twilight.

"If you must know: because you poured that water over me this thing won't work.  I'm pressing buttons and nothing happens!" Lynx retorted.

The unicorn swipes the cell phone using her magic.

"Hey!" Lynx yelled.

"Hmm..." Twilight hummed.  She quickly examined each side with a clueless expression.  "Let's see... if I do this it may just-"

Her horn's magic zaps into the device.  It's screen comes alive as it displayed.  Both Twilight & Lynx widened their eyes astonishingly, mostly Lynx.

"Wha- how- when- How'd you fix it?!" Lynx stuttered.

"With magic, of course." said Twilight handing the human back his property.  "So do you know how it works?"

Lynx deeply stares at it, scrolling screen by screen, adapting to his own kind's advanced technology.

"I feel like I'm getting the hang of it.  See, I found something interesting," Lynx presses on an icon labelled 'Disturbed' and revealed list of names Twilight isn't assure of.

"Disturbed?  That's... unusual.  It can feel emotions too?"

"I don't think it has to do with emotions," Lynx disagreed, "this was under a thing called "music"."

Twilight's ears lifted.

"Ooh!  Music?  How wonderful.  You know we too have music, care to give me an example of yours?" Twilight ecstatically inquired of Lynx.

The human pressed 'Disturbed - Sons of Plunder'.

The phone initiates buffering, then in a sudden burst at full volume it screeches out startling lyrics "Tell me you like it!"

Twilight covers her ears from it's tormenting sound.

"Ahh!  Turn it off Lynx!"

Lynx immediately taps the screen again and the music ceased.

"That was awful!" Twilight angrily cried.

"I'm sorry!" Lynx apologized, "I didn't know that would happen!"

"Sure you didn't.  Anyways, we're here!"

At the destination, Lynx observed how beautiful the atmosphere settled as.  Two ponds on each opposite ends connected to a creek which runs narrowly underneath a wooden bridge.  And a few bird houses hanging on to several branches of a sturdy tree standing among the side of the bridge.  The cottage itself was also stunning.

The two confront the door as Twilight pounded it with her hoof in hopes Fluttershy is around.  Luckily she is but refused to open the door until acknowledging of who the visitors are.

Twilight gently smiled and replied "It's me, Twilight.  Can you come outside?" she asked briefly, praying in mind that the shy pegasus won't over-react when she sees Lynx.

"Twilight!" said Fluttershy swinging the door open to happily greet her friend, however before she spoke another word the timid pony noticed Lynx.  She began sweating; frozen with agitation, afraid enough to remain speechless as she could stare straight at the man's sapphire eyes.

"Hi." Lynx waved.

Fluttershy yelped in fear and slammed the door tightly shut.

"Always scared of anything aren't you?  Don't worry, for I'm sure my good buddy Lynx here won't "bite"." Twilight winked.

"Ha, ha, ha..." the man laughed sarcastically

Although after hearing what Twilight called him caused the shy pegasus to change her nature of behavior instantly; from being scared and then excited to the next.  She opens the door getting hyper-active.

"Ooh a Lynx?  I've heard of them before but never have I managed to meet one personally.  Though I would've imagined you'd look similar to a cat.  Maybe you're a different breed!  You must tell me everything about yourself."

"Fluttershy, I'm sure you'll understand that Lynx here doesn't have a considerable amount of time to discuss anything he does in life."

Fluttershy pulls herself together.

"Oh, okay," she clears her throat.  "Hello Mr. Lynx, my name is Fluttershy.  And it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.  Twilight, do you suppose I can at least invite Mr. Lynx in so I can show him some of my bunnies?" she stared at the unicorn with glistening eyes.

"Okay... if it really means that much to you."  Twilight approved.

Lynx was pulled into the living room.

"Now you wait here while I go tell my animal friends we have a visitor." said Fluttershy.

"...Is this for real?" questioned Lynx.  "First Pinkie Pie, then Rarity, and now Fluttershy - which she is comparing me to a cat.  Now I've seen everything."

Twilight too was baffled from her friend's reactions.

"It is rather uncanny.  I would've thought they'd go into panicking from the sight of you.  Surprises me too." said Twilight.

"Oh, hey, Twilight, I've been meaning to ask:  How is it that your teacher acknowledges our species but not everyone else?"

"The Princess has lived for over a thousand years.  She's practically all-knowing.  And by the way you meant to say everypony."

Lynx swayed his hand.

"Yeah, yeah...- wait... what?!  A THOUSAND years!?  Good lord... that's so unreal!"

Twilight nudged the human's arm.

"We're full of surprises, aren't we?" Twilight smirked.

After her small departure, Fluttershy returns with some animal friends.

"I'm back, and I've brought company."  Fluttershy hollered very softly.

An assorting group of rabbits lined themselves in front of the human.

"Let me introduce you to Michael.  He's very shy when meeting new faces,".  Fluttershy points at another bunny "And this here is Raphael.  Be careful though, he's easily intimidated.  Ooh,  I don't think I've introduced you to Angel yet."

"Excuse me, Fluttershy, but it's somewhat passed the time and we really must be going." interfered Twilight.

"Oh... okay, well, it was kind of you two to come and visit." says Fluttershy discouragingly.

"Let's go, Lynx." ordered Twilight.

The human humphs while crossing his arms.

"What are you, my mom?"

"No, but remember I'm responsible for you.  So in some sort of weird way, I am."

When the human and the unicorn step out of the hut, the pegasi snags the human's t-shirt.

"Um.  Whenever you have spare time tomorrow, do you think you can come back here soon?  I've got more interesting critters that I'm sure you'll love seeing." Fluttershy kindly asked.

"Sure thing.  I always adore little animals." the human replied.

This brought a very warm smile across Fluttershy's expression.

Once that is done the two go venturing yet again to another one of Twilight's best friends: Applejack.  But before they've gotten to halfway towards the farm some pegasus soaring through the sky suddenly swooped down intervening their path.

Her coat is of light-bluish fur and her mane pigmented with colors correspondence to that of a rainbow.  The pegasus wasn't too hesitant with the pleasantries.

"Hey Twilight, how's it hangin'?" she asked briefly.

"Oh I'm doing spectacular.  Me and my friend here were just on our way to Applejack's until you showed up at a very convenient of timing.  I'd like for you to-"

"Who's this freak?" Rainbow Dash interrupted.

"Freak?!" Lynx snapped angrily.

"Now, now.  I'm sure Rainbow Dash didn't mean that," she patted the human.  "Why not introduce yourself?"

Upset, Lynx crosses his arms and turns his back on the ponies.

"What's he so mad about?" Rainbow Dash asks naively

Twilight glared at the pegasus "Really?" then sighs exasperatingly.  "You'll have to pardon her, Lynx."

Rainbow Dash tilted her head.

"Lynx.  That's his name?" Rainbow Dash's behavior changed suddenly "That - that actually sounds pretty cool,"

She glides in front of the human "Hey, sorry for what I said back there.  How's about we shake on it and let by gones be by gones." she apologized.

"Y'know... I have a much better idea,"  The human clenches his hand into a fist and exerts his arm out at the pegasus.  

"Pound it." Lynx said.

"Okay?" said Rainbow Dash confusingly.

The pegasus lightly pounded her hoof against the man's knuckles.

"Well done." nodded Lynx.

Rainbow Dash flips backward in mid-air.

"Aw yeah!  That's what I'm talkin' about!"

This escalation of bonding brought joy to Twilight.

"I'm happy to see that you two are getting along nicely.  But we're in a rush here since I can tell that it'll get dark very soon.  We'll see you again tomorrow, okay Rainbow Dash?" said Twilight.

"I understand.  Though Lynx, we should hang around more often." suggested Rainbow Dash.

"You bet." Lynx gave the pegasus a thumbs up.

And woosh!  Rainbow Dash dashes off to the sky in seconds flat.  The human saw her incredible speed and stares up awestruck.

"Coming, Lynx?" asked Twilight.

Lynx blinked out of trance.

"Oh, yeah.  Right behind you."

Later they meet their destination: A fertile farmland with cropped acres of countless apple trees far across the fields.

Twilight surveys the area for Applejack, yet she was nowhere to be spotted.

"Do you think she's-"


A lasso had been swung over Lynx's head and caught on to his legs.  The human lost his maintaining balance and slumped into the mud face first.

The one responsible was a blonde haired, orange colored fur pony wearing a brown stetson hat.

"Not so fast there!" claimed the cowgirl pony.

The southern pony hogtied poor Lynx while his face still plounders in muck.

"Whoo-wee!  That was a close one, Sugarcube!  Yer were just about to be attacked by this 'ere critter!  Aren't ya glad Applejack's 'ere to watch yer tail?"

Twilight bonks her friends' head.

"What'd you do that for?"

"Applejack!  This "critter" is a friend of mine!  Now help me untie him!" Twilight said angrily.

"Aw shucks, Twilight.  Ah really didn't know, and I just got this dirt fertilized too."

As the man was free to rise, he scrapped the mud off with his hands.

"Of all that is-  Are you out of your mind!?" Lynx spoke outrageously.

"Lynx, evidently she thought you were a monster.  Please don't be mad at her." pleaded Twilight.

"Yeah, what she said.  'Ah do sincerely apologize for my rash actions.  We got some refreshments 'ere you can have if you find it in your heart to forgive me."

The human's stomach abruptly growled.

"I think that's a sign for: "Apology accepted.  He-he." giggled Twilight.

Lynx was indeed hungry, so Applejack generously gave what she had to offer: Apple pies, apple muffins, apple fritters.  Lynx enjoyed every last one of them until he couldn't eat anymore.

The three go through a discussion about Lynx's residence.

"Ah'll be darned.   So he came from a different universe?" said Applejack flabbergasted.

"Indeed he did,  although he has no idea where he's from or who he is.  I'm giving him a tour around Ponyville while we wait for Princess Celestia to give us further notice." explained Twilight.

"Ah see.  Well, sorry again about earlier there, partner."

"Ha!  No worries, anyone who hands me free food is a friend of mine."

"Beg ya pardon but ah believe ya meant to say anypony?" Applejack corrected him.

'I swear I'm never gonna get used to that...'

"Twilight!  Twilight!" shouted a familiar voice.

"Spike?  What are you doing all the way out here?" said Twilight who knew.

"Hah... hah..." Spike heavily panted "Twilight, the Princess- the Princess has requested your audience down at the Halls of Harmony.  She said it's urgent!"

Twilight was anxious.

"If the Princess says it's urgent, then it must be an emergency." said Twilight.

Spike continued "And she also said bring him too!" he pointed at Lynx.

"Me?" the human pointed himself.

"Let's go Lynx!" ordered Twilight.

Spike saddled onto the unicorn's back and three of them move onward to Canterlot City where Halls of Harmony is designated at.  What could the Princess want the human for?  Well find out on the next chapter of Keeper of Harmony!
Chapter Three of Keeper of Harmony.
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